RoboRealm ® is a powerful software application for use with computer vision, image processing, and robot vision relatedtasks. Using an easy to use point and click interface, complex image analysis and robot control becomes easy!

RoboRealm Main Screen



The main purpose of RoboRealm is to translate what a camera sees into meaningful numbers in order to cause a reaction to what the image contains. This requires the processing of an image into a few or a single number that is meaningful in the current context of whatever project you have in mind. As each project has vastly different requirements with different attributes that need to be detected, RoboRealm is written in a flexible approach where the basic tools are provided to you in the form of modules in order to be combined into a relevant combination. For example, if your task is to track a red ball then the color red can be picked up by a color filter module as the first step. But if you wanted to track any type of ball then you would not use the red color as an attribute but instead a round shape detector. The reason you would ever want to use a color tracker instead of just using a shape tracker is that the color tracker may be more reliable and repeatable in some environments.



RoboRealm is compatible with the PCTx, 25 Servo Controller, and Analog Readers for servo and motor control and sensor acquisition as well as many other devices from other manufacturers.


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