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Wi-Fi Servo Controller 2 - $79.99

Control servos, relays and motor controllers from a PC, smart phone, tablet or web page.

Operation capable over Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connections.

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  • Support for up to 8 Servos, ESC's, R/C switches or other R/C PWM devices
  • Wireless operation over 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • 50Hz servo refresh rate
  • Infrastructure and ad-hoc wireless connections supported
  • Sample software and source code available
  • Built in web server and wireless access point


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New Voltage Regulators and Battery
We have added 2 new voltage regulators from Dimension Engineering today. The regulators include the 3.3V and 5V 1A switching regulators. See them here:

3.3V 1A

5V 1A

We have also added the 270mAh receiver battery from GWS. See it here:

Posted on 29 May 2009 by Endurance
ServoCommander v1.4 Released
The new version of ServoCommander has been released today. The biggest feature of v1.4 is the ability to control a full 25 channels when using the 25 Servo Controller. As always upgrade versions are free. If you have previously purchased ServoCommander please contact endurance@endurance-rc.com for a user name and password for the download.
Posted on 29 Apr 2009 by Endurance
New Sample Software Added
Sample software for the Analog Reader 2 and Wireless 10 Relay Controller have been posted in the downloads and development sections. These samples will help you get started in developing your own applications for the mentioned products.


Posted on 25 Mar 2009 by Endurance
Analog Reader 2 and Accessories
The Analog Reader 2 has been released. This new version of the original features the ability to add up to 16 buttons for extra input. A special 16 Button Pad add on board can be purchased separately for those who want to get going fast.

See the Analog Reader 2 here:

Analog Reader 2

And the 16 Button Pad:

Posted on 09 Mar 2009 by Endurance
New 25 Servo Controller Design
The 25 Servo Controller is now featuring a new layout as well as black circuit board and blue LED indicators. As always this controller is compatible with the same sample software and ServoCommander.

product image
Posted on 10 Feb 2009 by Endurance

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