Convert a 4 channel transmitter into an 9 channel transmitter using the PCTx


Using the PCTx you can easily generate extra control channels even if your transmitter does not support them. Quite simply, we can convert a 4 channel radio into a 9 channel radio with no modifications, extra parts, or tools!

For this example I will use a Futaba 4YF with an eight channel receiver pictured below.

The Futaba 4YF is a standard four channel radio system. There are two sticks used to control each of the four channels. By itself, the radio is not capable of generating more than four channels. The radio is not lacking any of the electronics needed to created these channels but instead it is missing the input for each of the extra channels. All that is needed is a way to generate the missing channels. With the PCTx it becomes possible to generate the extra channels without using any extra inputs.

There is no special setup involved. Plug the PCTx into your radio's buddy port and power it on. Plug in servos to the receivers extra channels. Using the sample PCTx sample software you can see the servos respond when you move the sliders.

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